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C I N N A B A R: American Association of Museums Expo

American Association of Museums Expo

With a focus on sustainability, this exhibit represented Cinnabar’s debut appearance at the American Association of Museums Expo.  Visitors were welcomed to a warm inviting space that featured bamboo plywood, natural grass encased in translucent panels, and Cinnabar’s signature deep red.  A large, eye-catching, vintage photo served as a metaphor to draw attention to the space where visitors could further examine Cinnabar’s work on a sleek light box and in an intimate gallery space/conversation area.  Visitors could mix-and-match the many aspects of Cinnabar’s services in a whimsical, low-tech interactive, or browse through a custom printed, coffee-table-book-style portfolio.  In keeping with the environmental message, the giveaways were Cinnabar-red reusable nylon shopping bags, designed to be rolled up into a convenient, tennis ball-sized pouch, and were adorned with branded red dog tags.  The Expo was considered a success, and the exhibit elements were easily re-configurable and update-able for the numerous future events Cinnabar would attend.