Designer – Artist – Illustrator

Art as Object

When working in a 2-dimensional art form such as drawing or painting, it’s easy to focus only on the image contained within the piece. One thing you as an aspiring artist can do to take your work to the next level is to broaden your thinking and consider the piece in it’s entirety.

Before you set out to capture your vision in what ever medium you choose, pause a moment and take a look at your medium and the tools you will be using. Too often I’ve seen really promising works diminished by this lack of attention. A really great portrait has only so much value to the viewer if it is excecuted on a sheet of notebook paper.

Remember to think about where your image will fall on the page or canvas – and if you should consider “zooming in” on part of your image so that it fills the page/canvas. If you are working on canvas, decide if you want to settle for canvas board or canvas with a stapled edge. To give your work the highest value, you could spring for a fully wrapped canvas or even a “gallery edge” canvas with very deep sides. If you do, decide how you want to treat the sides, either by continuing your painting around the edges or painting a color “frame” around the outside.

The main thing to remember is that your work has value. You are creating something nobody else can create. Be confident and proud of your work and treat it appropriately – even before you begin.