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Familiar Faces

I was delighted this week to see some familiar faces in my Seascape Painting Workshops at both Depoe Bay and Gleneden Beach. At each I had a return student who took the workshop last season. I think they both appreciated that I had an all new painting for them to tackle. BTW they both did […]

New Year, New Work

Looks like 2012 is off to a flying start! We have begun doing a new scene in my weekly Seascape Painting Workshops. To fit the winter season, this new scene features a stormy sea with lots of wave action, crashing foam and flying spray. It is extremely fun to paint and really shows off each […]

‘Tis the Season

I’ve been painting a scene of Pirate’s Cove for nine weeks with the students in my Seascape Workshops. This has been a great painting for introductory students. I noticed this past week that we have been finishing earlier than usual. Perhaps I have hit my stride with this particular subject. However, I know many guests […]

I Learn by Teaching

First of all, I don’t really like to call what I do in my workshops “teaching.” I consider myself a guide – I lead others by being the first one to head down a path with only a general idea of where we’re going. As I journey with the other participants (I don’t really like […]

I used bamboo plywood and other natural materials in the design of this booth. The result was a warm, welcoming and engaging environment.

Let There Be Light

I am often asked how I get the colors in my paintings so vibrant. Although there are a number of different things working together, the first thing I’m going to start with is the last step in the process. Photographing the painting. If you don’t photograph your artwork properly, it doesn’t matter how vibrant your […]

Tools is Tools

Some artists have a self-imposed belief that using certain tools is “cheating”.  They have attempted to convince themselves that working from photographs, tracing an image, utilizing a photocopier or other computer device is somehow less valid than creating art using nothing more than a brush and a good intention. Bah! I say. Historically, artists have […]